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Greyhound Tipster Delivers Long Term Profits

Betting on the dogs is possibly one of the hardest past times in the world with the sheer unpredictability of the outcome at times.

Notorious for bumping, balks, run-outs and other in running unpredictable events greyhound racing is up there with the most unpredictable things on planet earth at times.

This tipster service for greyhound racing aims to take the unpredictability out of your betting by using pure knowledge and statistics as well as years of experience in betting on dogs to offer you the very best tips each and every week.

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What Is Greyhound Racing?

Now if you are in the very small percentage of people who have never heard of greyhound racing it is just like horse racing but with greyhounds basically.

UK Greyhound racing usually involves 6 dogs entering into stalls or traps as they are known, the traps all open at the same time once a hare (which is mounted to a pole which whizzes around the track has passed them).

Once the traps open the greyhounds who are bread to run after rabbits and hares will sprint as if their life depends on it to catch the robotic hare.

There are usually 4 bends in a standard greyhound distance race (480 meters) and once they have completed a circuit the winner will be the first dag past the winning post.

I aim to offer you the winning greyhound that will be first past that post in an effort to earn you long term betting profits.